Cerva Respira Compact halfgelaatsmasker voor losse filters

Artikelnummer: 10702007699025

37,37 (45,22 incl. BTW) per 1 stuks

Half Mask Particle arrest even more than 99,99 % in combination with filter Respira Perfection. This product does not containt any natural ingredients rubber latex. The Nanologix Respira Compact facepiece with the P3 filter were tested at the facilities in Těchonín (the Czech Biological Defence Centre) against particularly dangerous diseases classified as biosafety level 3 (BSL 3) such as Korean haemorrhagic fever, typhus, HIV, tuberculosis and anthrax and BSL 4 diseases such as SARS, Lassa fever, smallpox and Ebola. Packaging contains the halfmask only.

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